In the Nursery
Bare Eyed Cockatoo female

Blue and Gold Macaws -  
4 being hand fed             
Bolivian Military Macaws  -  
3 being hand fed

Blue Front Amazons  -  2
trying to ween and 3 more
being hand fed

Yellow Nape Amazons  -  2
being hand fed
Double Yellow Heads  -  2
being hand fed

Yellow Faced Quakers  -  Sold

Umbrella Cockatoos - 3
babies being hand fed

Sun Conure  -  s
everal being hand fed now
Mutation Green Cheek Conures
Yellow sided 1 ready now
Pineapple 2 ready now
Pineapple turq 2 ready now
Yellow sided turq 2 ready now

ngo African Grey  -  2 being hand fed and more in
the nest boxes

Parrotlets many colors and more on the way: blues,
yellows, green pastels, blue pastels, normal greens,

Lovebirds are hatching and will have many colors to
choose from

We have Cavalier King Charles and Cavachon puppies
that will be ready in a few weeks, they are so
adorable and loving companion dogs. Let us know if
we can send some pics your way. We are currently
taking deposits now.

Manx kittens it is breeding season again, let us know
if you are looking for specific colors, we can put you
on our waiting list We now have a new litter on the
ground, pictures to come soon, 1 pointed kitten and

we have 3 red tabbies, two of them are more of a
, we have two more litters coming, 1 litter is
due in about a week and the other in about 3 weeks

Blue Front Baby
Yellow Faced Quaker Babies!
Yellowsided Green Cheek
Conure Babies