We raise African Greys, Amazons (Blue Front,
Bolivian Yellow Nape, Orange Wing and Double
Yellow Heads) Cockatoos (Umbrella and Moluccan)
Conures (Suns and Green Cheeks, White eyed and
Blue Crowns), Eclectus (Grands, Vos Maria,
Redsided and Soloman Island) Bourke Parakeets,
Lovebirds (Masked, Fischer's and Peachfaced),
Macaws (Bolivian Scarlet, Bolivian Blue and Gold,
Bolivian Military, Miligolds, Harlequin and Green
Winged) Pacific Parrotlets (normals, splits,
Turqoise, fallows, albino's, pieds, lutino's and
pastels. Violet necked or Violet naped (EOS
Squamata) Indian Ringnecks, Quakers, Hawk Head
and we also dabble a little here and there with a
few others, including finches and such!

Our closed aviaries are very healthy as is all of
our babies. They are well socialized and the
larger species are vet checked and receive their
polynoma vaccinations at 5 and 7 weeks of age and
they also receive full physicals each time, once
they receive their second shot and physical they
get their Health Certificate.
Fanciful Feathers in Flight
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