Orange Wing
on eggs
Blue Front
Working the nest
Yellow Head
working the nest
Yellow Nape
working the nest
Yellow Nape
Lilac Crown
Meet Lucy and Ricky! They
one of our Blue Front
Amazon pairs!  Aren't we
Blue front amazon
Adorable Blue Front
An Amazon parrot is a large parrot of the genus Amazona
native to the New World ranging from South America to
Mexico and the Caribbean.

Most Amazons are predominantly green, with accenting
colors that depend on the species and can be quite vivid.
Amazons, like all parrots, are zygodactyl, having four toes on
each foot—two front and two back. They feed primarily on
nuts and fruits, supplemented by leafy matter.

Several amazon species are commonly kept as pets,
including the Yellow-headed Amazon, Yellow-naped Amazon,
and Blue-fronted Amazon.

Amazons are known for their exceptional vocal abilities,
playfulness, and dexterity with their feet. They are very loyal,
loving companions; having them is somewhat like having a
two-year-old human child in ability and temperament for 50-
plus years. [citation needed] However, some Amazons are
aggressive (usually during their mating time), and they all
require a lot of attention when kept as pets. Parrots require
more attention and care than domesticated pets such as
dogs or cats, and are not for the inexperienced bird owner.
All parrots need a lot of stimulating activities to keep from
being bored and terribly destructive to themselves and their
surroundings. In particular, since Amazons are cavity
nesters in the wild, their desire to chew wood is strong, and
they need to be provided with destructible toys to satisfy
this innate urge.