This is Mighty Sampson,
a long hair blue male. I
now live with my new
mommy in Concord, NC
Aren't I Cute!! I have a
new home in Alabama!
Short hair classic red
tabby Manx female
Blue Cream Tortie female.  Sorry,
we are keeping this one!
Penny's first two pups!
Hi, I'm Piper and I live in South
Carolina with my mommy Deb!  I
am a green Parrotlet!
My name is Cody, I Live with my
mommy Jen and friend, Jade and
Tiko in Myrtle Beach! Life is grand!
This is Jax and Zoey, they are living in Greensboro, NC with
their new daddy, Dowell. Jax is a Harlequin Macaw and Zoey
is one of our Blue and Gold babies!
Meet Indy, she was just adopted
by Michael and Carolyn in
Ferguson, NC she is such a sweet
baby girl!
Meet Alex, he is a Blue Crown
Conure, he lives in Mrytle Beach
with Cody and his mommy! He loves
his grapes!